Dorisdey Fashions a rich and varied line of clothing !

Dorisdey Fashions offers clothing in your size according to your taste, for women and men. Stylized and comfortable clothing designed and manufactured 100 % in Quebec.

The designer behind Dorisdey Fashions

Dorisdey is a Montreal-based, Ghanaian fashion designer and couturier with a passion for fashion. She aims at creating beautiful and unique clothing for women who want to feel confident and comfortable while looking good.

Born in Ghana, Doris began nourishing her passion for clothing at a young age. After completing high school, she attended the Women Training Center where she received apprentice from the top local designer in Tema in the Accra region. After many years of apprenticeship, she began her own line. In 1995, she moved to Canada and it’s in 1998 where she began receiving education from LaSalle College in Fashion Design. Two years later, she completed her degree and began her journey as fashion designer in Montreal.

Dorisdey Fashions adds a modern twist to the traditional African attire.

Do you have an event and you want to stand out? We have a clothing creation and alteration service. Whatever you need, we will find the design that values you. At Dorisdey Fashions, you will find what you are looking for, dress pants, shirt, jacket, wedding dress, prom dress, unique clothing, everyday clothing and more. How can’t you fall in love with our rich and colorful fabrics?

Dorisdey clothing are made with high quality fabrics and a flawless finish

Many years of experience in the fashion industry will certainly help me to better understand your needs. As an experience seamstress, I’m passionate about my career and will design unique and comfortable pieces according to your morphology (size, age etc.). African fabrics our part of our cultural heritage. They are used as a form of identity to every African tribe with their own unique designs. The prints are colorful and form infinite patterns! African fabrics, my inspirations for years.

– Doris Dey